Many locals are now a part of our history!

Windsor’s history is old and varied. In conjunction with Hawkesbury City Council, the Rotary Club of Windsor has erected a picket fence around McQuade Park Oval, restoring the ground to its former glory.

Originally, part of Windsor’s market square, the oval became known as “The Green” and later “The Village Green”, before being embraced by McQuade Park. Finally, the oval was given its present name, “McQuade Oval”.

Records show that as early as the 1820’s, cricket was played on “the green”, with the first documented match in 1841, between a military team and a local side. 1890 saw rugby union played for the first time, when the King’s School from Parramatta played a local team.

Why have we erected a new fence? To improve the appearance of the oval and to ensure our history is not forgotten. We also raising funds for six charities benefiting our community.

How we raised funds? The new fence has 180 posts and 4000 pickets. Local families, businesses and individuals sponsored a post or “bought” a picket.

Each sponsor of a post received a print of the original painting of McQuade Oval, by well known local artist, Greg Hansell, framed with timber from the original fence and bearing a plaque acknowledging the sponsors donation. Additionally, a plaque with the sponsor’s details was affixed to the actual fence post.

Buyers of a picket will receive a miniature replica picket, autographed by a leading sportsperson or well known personality and numbered to coincide with the actual number of the picket in the fence.

Also, Windsor Library will hold a register of all post sponsors and picket purchasers, as a permanent record of their support.

Be a part of our “history”. This is a unique, one off opportunity to have your name recorded for prosterity. Sponsor a post or buy a picket today.

What will it cost? Sponsorship of a post is only $500 and pickets may be purchased for $50 each.

The new fence will be funded entirely from the sponsorship of posts and the sale of pickets, with surplus funds being divided between selected charities.

We invite you to help us to achieve our goal. For further information contact Mal Roughley (02) 4576 3327 or Ken Lyons (02) 4578 1864.