On Friday, 6th November, 2015, nearly 120 members, past members, guests and VIP’s attended a gala dinner at Hawkesbury Race Club function centre to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of our Club. During the course of the evening, guests enjoyed anecdotes of the Club’s many achievements, presented by senior members (most requiring notes as their memories were a little faded) and complimentary speeches by guests. All in all, a great night. Our Club Historian and most senior member. PP Ken Lyons, prepared a book to honour the 60th and detailing the past decade since our 50th, for which he also put together an outstanding publication outlining our first 50 years.

A copy of the 50th and 60th Anniversary books may be viewed by clicking the relevant link below.

Click here to view our 60th Anniversary book

Click here to view our 50th Anniversary book