Youth Foundation Trust 2014

On Wednesday, 8th July, 2014, we held our annual Youth Trust Grants presentations, when 12 excited grant recipients were presented with their certificates.

Our 2014 Grant recipients are -

     Isaac ANDREWS                Sport (BASKETBALL)

     Mitchell ANDREWS             Photography

     Gracie APPLIN                    Education

     Zachary BARBER                Education

     Tarni CAMERON                  Education

     Sandy FREEMAN                Sport (Swimming)

     Ashleigh HILL                      Sport (Karate)

     Ellen JONES                       Sport (Water Ski)

     Ryan LANE                         Cultural (Chess)

     Ben SHERRATT                   Photography

     Zac RODGERS                    Education

     Windsor Park Public School  Education Special Needs

Chris Paine interviewed each of the recipients, which was both interesting and lots of fun. The night was enjoyed by the more than 100 people who attended this great function.

Luke & Abigail Freeman - 1998

The Freeman Family - Past Grant Recipients

Sandy Freemans mum, Carol, spoke about her other children who also received grants in years past. Luke and Abigail, both promising dancers at the time, received a grant in 1998, which allowed them to continue with their dance lessons and eventually travel overseas. Since then they have danced in mnay cities and countries, including a stint at the Mooulin Rouge in Paris. Carol also told us about her daughter, Jennifer, a cerabal palsy sufferer, who also received a grant (in 2007), which enabled her to continue with her swimming lessons. Jennifer has qualified for the Cerabal Palsy World Games in England in 2015. Thanks, Carol, for telling us and everyone about the successes of Luke, Abigail & Jennifer and we hope that Sandy's grant will help her the way to similar achievements.Luke & Abigail 2010Jen Freeman - 2007Jen Freeman - NSW Rep